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  1. Bob Ray
    November 6, 2014

    It’s easy for us photographers, in the rush of deadlines, clients and bills, to overlook the reason our images, our purpose, is so important: we capture the way we are today, to cherish as they way we were tomorrow.

    For many of these special ‘Flashes of Hope’ kids, there will soon be no tomorrow which makes the images captured simply priceless.

    Giving back is, for me, a critical part of living that is an opportunity that, sadly, most miss out on.

    I flew from CA to NYC for 8 years, taking portraits for the special kids and their families at the Ronald McDonald House on East 73rd Street. I cannot put into words the impact this experience had on my life, knowing then and today what my images meant to those in front of my lens.

    There are kids, families and programs in your area who need your eye, your expertise, your time.

    It will change your life and, most importantly, have an immeasurable impact on theirs.

    Please, make the call today …

  2. Shelly Geller Photography
    January 13, 2015

    I have to be part of this organization! I have been trying to get connected with a group that offers this service for several years. I am a bereaved mother of 9 years. While my son didn’t pass away from cancer, he did pass away suddenly and I would give anything in the world to have had the opportunity to capture his heart, his soul, his smile, his spirit. I love the mission of this organization. Firm believer, we have the ability to give someone one of THE GREATEST gifts one can receive, the gift of memories.

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Featured Nonprofit: Flashes of Hope

  • 7: WPPI 2014

For the WPPI 2014 event, we were proud to sponsor Flashes of Hope, who, with a click of the camera, help change the way kids with cancer see themselves. They are there to capture those smiles and forever preserve images of courage, beauty, and dignity. By focusing on the child, they put cancer in the background.

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