1. Jettalyn
    October 31, 2012

    I have never been so moved, inspired, motivated and re-excited (not sure that’s really a word but it’s the best adjective I have at the moment! LOL) in such an incredibly short space of time!! Tamara brought tears of upliftment and profound encouragement to this photographers soul! Not just for my photography but for all my creative bits and pieces…. in one conclusive statement, ” …put down the camera and do what artists are trained to do… look for the light!” Nothing with regard to photography, art and inspiration has ever been stated with such crystalline brilliance. THANK YOU Tamara Lackey! And thanks Kevin for bringing her and all the other speakers as well to Photographers Ignite for all of us out here! My creative soul is breathing once again. xoxox — Jettalyn @ VisualEyes Artography

  2. Michelle
    January 13, 2015

    Seriously loved this presentation!!!! You hit it on the head! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiration.

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Tamara Lackey – How to Know Someone…

  • 4: NYC 2012

Topic: How to Know Someone in Under Five Minutes

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