“Chillin and learning at Photographers Ignite. Love the Photographers Ignite give away, but the knowledge is pure gold.” @patrickowedding

“Two hours of inspiration from amazing photographers. Thanks Kevin Kubota for putting this together! Bring it back next year!” @cindirenee

“Photo Ignite was amazing as can be and I’m proud I got to be a part of it.@scottbourne

“Hanging out at Photographers Ignite at WPPI 2010. Glad I changed my flight from yesterday to today!” @scarlettlillian

“That was an incredible show. Thanks for bringing Ignite to WPPI. What a great way to end the show. Many were absolutely hilarious and with a ton of good stuff to learn!” – Harry Parker

“LOVE it! I was checking everyday for the posts. I love the uncle BOB session.” – Joe from StudioJK

“My #1 favorite program this year was hosted by Kevin Kubota: Photographers Ignite. It was fun + fresh + so entertaining.” – Daria Bishop

“Wow, just watched every @photoignite video at WPPI! They were truly inspirational & informative.” @simplystardust:

“Everyone was great @photoignite! Standouts 4 me? @jasminestar, @jasongroupp, @thebecker and Tracey & Dee from Japan.” @kirstenlphotog

“Thank you @photoignite for such an awesome awesome experience!” @rosaauraphoto

“All the speakers were amazing at @photoignite #wppi – what an honor to be up there! I had a great week w/ good friends. #Thankful.” @mikelarsoninc

“@photoignite thank you for putting together such an amazing platform to sum it all up!!!!” @jeckylphoto

“One of the very best reasons get to WPPI is for @photoignite … wow, just wow.” @kristencook

“@photoignite this was the best 2hrs of WPPI!! #piwppi.” @angiebaxter

“Loooooved @photoignite this morning. Such an inspiration <3.” @novamarkina

“So inspired by @photoignite and especially by @vtaufer and @jedness a great way to wrap up a great @wppi!” @ktmerry

“@photoignite rocked my world! Feeling inspired. Thanks @kevinkubota. #WPPI.” @casteloids

“So inspired by @photoignite and especially by @vtaufer and @jedness a great way to wrap up a great @wppi!” @ktmerry

“Of course!! @thebecker: Holy crap! @jasminestar just killed it at @photoignite. that was the coolest thing ever! #piwppi.” @lisaottophoto

“@photoignite is the best thing I did at WPPI #piwppi.” @amymartin_

“I am overwhelmed with emotion watching this again. Thank you guys so much for the opportunity and trust to speak at such an amazing event. Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing Photographer’s Ignite alive!” Rosaura Sandoval

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